Would you like to talk tonight

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All the people listening to this masterpiece in decemberhappy to all. One day some prick will display the lyrics in time for when they actually sound. I didn't know this song as I didn't know you I wanna talk tonight until the morning light Noel doesn't have the iconic, unmistakable Mancunian drawl that Liam does; but he's definitely got something. I really don't care to get involved in pitting brother against brother as is the common trend currently, they're each great talents; both as part of Oasis and as solo artists This record is criminally underrated though Love to everyone.

It's clealy written colloquially in keeping with the video. Furthermore; since you did not allow for the informal nature and you were pointing out grammatical errors; then you should have noticed far more technical liberties than merely a failure to capitalise the letter "I". Dear me My dad told me he used sung this to me when i was little And then I wonder why I love Oasis Love you Dad. Melissa Lim, wherever you may be at this very moment, I would like to thank you for helping Noel find his happiness and saving this amazing band. I love this song but all I can hear is that bloody clap in the backgroundruins the fucking song.

Strange thing is that it is very weird clapping! This band was so much more than just the songs, they had everything. The best band of all time, no questions. Same here! Nirvana : I'm on a plain I can't complain Oasis : Sleepin on a plane you know you can't complain.

Noels lyrics are about oasis flying to America to try again with oasis, leaving the band then meeting a girl. Not connected to that miserable shite from navarna. The story behind this tune on supersonic documentary makes it all make sense!!!!! Amazing song. Oasis are one of few bands where the b-side is just as good as the a-side. The Masterplan, Acquiesce, and this are just a few examples. Oasis are so brilliant. This song first made sense to me when I met the girl of my dreams. We met at a very tough and confusing time for me, so much in my life was changing. She was an American studying abroad at my university in Stirling at the time, and that was all.

We fell for each other, had an incredible time whilst it was on our side. This song reminds me of working that out for the first time. Peace and love x. All your dreams are made when you are chained to the mirror and a razorblade with strawberry lemonade. Can't stop listing to this song. This has to be one of the best ones neol has wrote. Dear chinese Amanda this reminds me of you girl, going from my pill dealer to my bestie and looking after me when I fucked it up with Heather.

When you took me in and we would get mashed for days on end playing the same songs on your piano whilst you made me eat your magic toast just to make sure I had a little food in my belly plus a nice strong brew It would be magical if you read this one day and got in touch as I haven't got s clue about your whereabouts now. Thanks Amanda, I've got good memories from that time girl even though it was a bad time, you wont ever be forgotten. Lol just had a flashback to me hiding from your mum in the bushes because we was properly wired to fuck only for your mam to be revealed as my old next door neighbour lmao Noel's mother is Irish This song is about his parents not some chick in the US.

I'm Irish and pink lemonade is not associated with Ireland. Deep heat is right; both parents are from County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland.

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Music is multifaceted and subjective. It's not like rudimentary mathematics wherby 5 plus 5 equals 10 and that's irrefutable. Pink lemonade does not make the song all about Ireland. Even Guiness wouldn't! Was having a shitty day until my friend Elijah sent this to me. Deep Heat So I'm not alone in feeling the will to live begin to ebb from my being every time someone comments on the fucking date and ask who else is present on aforementioned date?

The YouTube demographic can and will destroy your soul if you spend too long reading comments Love this tune, one of our favourites! To the point that we have even made a cover of it which you can check out on our channel if you like. Hard to believe that that's just a b-side Liam Pestel same here. That's the worse with composers, they sometimes can't enjoy music anymore because they can't tune off and simply listen, they hear every detail. This is a song from back in the day.

When songwriters used to write songs about life experiences. And life was life. Hand me down clothes and your mam n dad were allowed to belt ya! My favourite oasis song along with songbird, I prefer the laid back stuff they did. From what ive learned about decades in music i think Oasis could have only been from the 90s. I can't fathom 1, people don't like this. If they're just trolling, yeah, but legitimately disliking this should put you on a terrorist watch list at best.

Public execution in Trafalgar Square otherwise. Preferably long and painful. And to youtube censors and algos, fuck off and let real people handle this. Put it in your McCarthy-esque, black book commy files to try and publicly shame me at some point while you go cross dress on the DL. You'll probably censor this because you're too ignorant to understand the reference. I repeat, fuck you, go fuck yourself, and fuck off.

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Would you like to talk tonight

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