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Yesterday, on the Martin Luther King Jr. I expect President-elect Biden will overturn most, if not all, Trump did in this area if the appointment of Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education is any indication. Many educators will welcome this shift. on Forbes. Kamala Harris as his running mate is rightly heralded as a historic moment for Black women. For the first time, a Black woman is the presumptive nominee of a major party ticket. This moment comes years after women gained the right to vote with the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment in and 55 years after the Voting Rights Act guaranteed the ability of Black people to exercise their franchise.

on Politico. Cooper is widely regarded as one of the first writers of Black feminist thought. Over the last fifty years, female scholars have published numerous works on Black women including anthologies, encyclopedias, primary document readers, biographies, and thematic studies of women in the diaspora. on Not Even Past.

The sorrow was too much to describe. Americans have been shocked and saddened by the sight and sound of immigrant children being taken from their parents at the southern border. What we have witnessed is eerily similar to tactics used during other periods in US history, most notably, slavery. Enslaved children of all ages had vivid memories of family separations. Some mothers tried to hide children under their clothing. on The Guardian. Many enslaved children have vivid memories of the sale experience.

Such interventions were not always successful or helpful. Several enslaved people reported that their mistresses were as violent and sadistic as their husbands. In this case, we do not know if Marlida preferred to remain with her mistress.

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All we know is that Marlida was not sold and that, decades later, she remembered the monetary value she carried at auction. It made a deep impression on her young mind.

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on Beacon Broide. Is there any good way to teach children about lynching? After attending the opening of a powerful new memorial and museum, which together explore some of the most painful aspects of American history, I wondered about the prospect of returning there with my year-old son. Both are located in downtown, Montgomery, Alabama a short distance apart. A controversy ensued. Workers get paid; enslaved people rarely received financial compensation for their labor. Enslaved Africans did not come to the New World as immigrants who had the choice to move.

on The Washington Post. It was a stormy night and the weather was bad but the turnout was not. People had gathered to hear Martin Luther King, Jr. King knew that storms pass and that joy comes in the morning, for he had witnessed the pain of water cannons and police dogs; he remembered the Birmingham bombing and the bombing of his own home; but he also saw legislative gains and political successes.

He came on the evening of April 3rd, to share his wisdom, encouragement and support, even though a huge storm was threatening to prevent him from speaking that night. The city was on edge, and racial tensions and unrest were growing. Following the death of two workers, he had already visited Memphis twice in the last month, the first time to give a speech to between 15, and 25, people. Robert Walker and Echol Cole had been crushed to death by the garbage truck they worked on when they took shelter inside the compactor to escape severe weather.

The city had rules on where workers could go to protect themselves and the compactor barrel was the only place they were allowed to take cover. Tragically, it was also the place that compressed them to their death. on History. When people think about March in Austin, Texas, they probably think about tacos, brisket, listening to music in the park, South By Southwest and drinking craft beer from a local brewery. This March has been different. News broke on Monday that two package bombs had exploded in our community. One killed Draylen Mason17, and critically injured his mother.

The second struck year-old Esperanza Herrera. Even more terrifying: It quickly became apparent that these bombings were connected to the package bombing that killed Anthony Stephan House39, in northeast Austin on March 2. Amidst heated debates on gun control and terrorism on U.

They also invoke another aspect of our national history that too many Americans are hesitant to acknowledge: our history of racial terrorism. on HuffPost. Like most people uprooted by the Cherokee Trail of TearsEliza Whitmire experienced terrible trauma. Inthe U. Eliza was about five years old when more than 3, armed militia arrived in Cherokee country in The militia companies forced her, her family and her community to march more than 1, miles west—through Northern Georgiaacross the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, to present-day Oklahoma.


Along the way, starvation posed a constant threat. James Baldwin was one of the leading writers, intellectuals, and activists of the 20th century. He sought to escape the physical and structural violence perpetuated against African Americans and to establish psychological distance to pursue his literary craft. Baldwin returned home periodically to engage in Civil Rights activism, meet with his publishers, visit family, and teach language and literature.

Precision, clarity, and honesty characterize these writings, many of which focus on his own experiences growing up poor, gay, and black in urban America. on Biography. As a leader, educator, philanthropist and former slave, Booker T. Washington advocated for racial uplift through industrial and domestic education. He was one of the most well known African-American public figures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Washington rose to prominence as the head of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute where he secured funding from white philanthropists including Andrew Carnegie and later Julius Rosenwald. Washington remained an important leader of the black community although some considered his philosophies controversial. Washington emphasized vocational training for African Americans and did not seek to disrupt the racial hierarchy. He also received support from major white philanthropists and was a champion of black industrial education and economic development.

Frederick Douglass is arguably the most highly recognized African-American man of the 19th century. Although born enslaved, he learned to read and write, and after he escaped, went on to become a public speaker, editor, recruiter for the Union Army, bank president, minister and consul general to Haiti. Many consider Douglass an important literary figure as well because he published countless speeches and three autobiographies: The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass ; My Bondage and My Freedom ; and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass and These s provide a clear sense of his growth, struggles, and some of his most intimate thoughts and feelings.

In addition to aiding runaways, she served as a scout, spy, cook and nurse for the Union Army during the Civil War. Sarah H. Tubman donated the proceeds from these books to raise funds for poor and elderly African Americans. Sojourner Truth was one of the most well-known abolitionists, preachers, and feminist public speakers of the 19th century. She first shared her remarkable life experiences with slavery and freedom in the Narrative of Sojourner Truth, recorded by Olive Gilbert, published in and reprinted countless times afterward.

But Sojourner Truth was not someone who would be silenced; she told her story to large and small audiences and made sure her message and images would be around for years to come. Yes, there was a robust body-snatching industry in which cadavers — mostly the bodies of black people, many of whom had been enslaved when they were alive — were used at Harvard, the Universities of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and other institutions.

It is time to acknowledge this dark truth behind our understanding of human anatomy and modern medicine.

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The body trade was as elaborate as the trans-Atlantic and domestic slave trade that transported Africans to the New World and resold African-Americans on our soil. But when enslaved people died, some were sold again and trafficked along the same ro and waterways they traveled while alive.

The domestic cadaver trade was active, functional and profitable for much of the 19th century. Typically, the supply of bodies consisted of executed criminals and unclaimed corpses from almshouses and prisons. on The New York Times. He is a great boy, a hand for almost every thing. Besides, he is the best dancer in the whole lot, and he knows also how to pray—oh! How much will you bid for him?

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