Want a super hot girl

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And guess what? Anyone can be that girl. Yes, even you.

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The hot girls who stand around with resting bitch face waiting for guys to flock to them hold the mistaken belief that looks are all that matter, so their personality probably leaves something to be desired. Guys who are worthwhile are interested in a lot more than a pretty face. A well informed opinion is guaranteed to show how smart you are, and we all know guys love a girl with brains. Smile and laugh a lot. Everyone is more attractive when they appear to be happy and having a good time. Guys want to be around girls who are fun and seem open to new experiences and people.

Smiling will make you seem exponentially more approachable. Be genuinely interested in what people are saying. A girl who asks questions and actually pays attention to the answers is rarer than you think. And people remember that girl. Talk to more guys. Not only will you end up with more options at the end of the night, but guys love competition. Wear something that makes you feel hot.

Be passionate about something. If you volunteer at an animal shelter on weekends because you love dogs, be proud. People are attracted to passion, and the things you are passionate about make you who you are, so embrace it. A little mystery is never a bad thing. Knowing just when to stop short of revealing too much is an art.

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Leave your phone in your purse. Embrace your quirks. Often your most unique quality is your most beautiful, and hiding it will just make you blend in with everyone else. Confidence, confidence, confidence.

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Want a super hot girl

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