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Attorney Tom Beall said. Frank Boswell43, Topeka, Kan. In his plea, Boswell admitted he and co-defendants employed female commercial sex workers who served clients in Kansas and other states.

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Boswell used the Internet, cell phones, texting and social media to keep in touch with conspirators, track the movements of sex workers and advertise sexual services. They targeted single mothers and women with drug problems. The conspirators used drugs well as the threat of violence to make the women compliant. The women turned the money they made over to Boswell and he paid for their rent, utilities and cell phones.

Sentencing is set for Oct. Both parties have agreed to recommend a sentence of 51 to 63 months in federal prison. Co-defendants include:. Barry M. Johnsonwho was sentenced to 46 months.

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Michaela Hekekiawho is awaiting sentencing. Shannon Nelsonwho is awaiting sentencing. Sean P. Hallwho is awaiting sentencing. Rachel Flennikenwho is awaiting sentencing. Attorney Christine Kenney for their work on the case.

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You are here U. Attorneys » District of Kansas » News. Department of Justice. Monday, July 24, Co-defendants include: Barry M. Topic s :. Component s :.

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USAO - Kansas.

Topeka sex phone

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