Tonight only one time

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Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight

But first, one of the men has an emotional realization about his journey to find love, which le to a heartbreakingly honest conversation with Katie at the resort. Then, it's time for the men to get real when they reunite for the first time since New Mexico to hash out all the drama and laugh at their mistakes, all in front of a live studio audience. Plus, a look at the final two episodes of the season. Who will go home next? Only one way to find out. Based on previews, it looks like Karl Smith will be back to rehash his most dramatic moments, and Katie will confront Andrew for what is likely the first time since she sent him home.

Who are you looking forward to seeing return the most? I hope the special is as wild as the teasers are promising! Find out all the information you need to know below. EST and will end at p.

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Who do you want to receive the final rose in the end? Be sure to let us know! Who went home on The Bachelorette tonight?

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Judy Boucher -Can't Be With You Tonight lyrics

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Who plays on 'Monday Night Football' tonight? Time, TV channel, schedule for NFL Week 3 game