Newbie seeking girlfriends

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In: General Discussion Main. In: Diaper Discussion. In: Venting. Looking for your Little? Wanting your own little? Maybe even a caregiver to match you? Let them know you're looking for them. Forum rules: Site Supporters have access to posting a personals ad here. The form provided must be fully filled out. Do not skip any field.

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You must fill out and submit your own personals ad. Other people cannot create an ad for you. All must be seeking romantic relationship commitments. Asexual, graysexual, demisexual, etc. Only post your usernames to other chat programs or websites in your profile. You must be legally 18 years of age or older, seeking only those who are also legally 18 years old or older.

All other site rules apply. If your post does not follow the rules it will be rejected or removed without notice. Disclaimer: LittlespaceOnline does not perform criminal background checks. Please use your own judgement of safety when interacting and exchanging your personal details. Please personally verify the legal age of any connection you make. Read our Safety Disclaimer and Tips before posting. Topic locked. By Joker - 4 years ago. An Intro Hello there, reader! I've decided to do things a little differently than most. All the comprehensive questioning in the template might explain things well.

I've never been one to follow the guidelines to a T. I'm a creative soul at heart, always wanting to find my own way. I'm new to this forum but definitely not new to all of this in general. Despite being relatively young.

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I've had years of practical experience within the lifestyle, spanning across multiple roles, including both Dominant and submissive roles. I invite you to read on, and who knows, maybe it'll spark your interest. The Details. How I would describe myself: I think of myself as a pretty chill, down to earth kinda guy. This whole post is going to come across as quite formal but I just love to have fun a lot of the time. And if you have a great sense of humour to in, that's a huge bonus. I suffer from depression, social anxiety and OCD, so I expect understanding of that. If you have any similar or other issues, I will of course tailor anything around them and work with you in overcoming such problems together.

I am a gentle Dominant first and foremost, which is why the role fits me so well. I thrive when I can provide affection, companionship, guidance and nurturing. With that said, I absolutely can and will bring out my strict and more sadistic side when it is required.

Or perhaps I just feel like it in that moment. The type of partner that I am looking for here: Firstly, you should be entirely monogamous. I do not share, I do not participate in competition. My little is entirely mine and I am far too territorial for it to be any other way. You should also wish for the relationship to be more than that of a Daddy and little. My partner should be both my little and my girlfriend. Obviously, you should be affectionate, dependant and hopefully quite clingy to satisfy my nurturing nature. I don't expect for somebody to be able to spend all of their free time with me, of course.

But I would like to at least have some time together daily if possible to do whatever we wish. I consider myself a sapiosexual, therefore intelligence is very important to me. If you can't string coherent sentences together and hold my attention, it unfortunately will not work. I don't truly believe that looks are the most important factor in a relationship at all. And I would be quite content with anyone who's anywhere from skinny to chubby.

Age wise, I'm not too picky. If you're into kitten play as well as being a little, you earn bonus points for sure! Finally, I'm okay with a long distance relationship as long as you are completely willing to make the transition to real life when possible. Things that I personally enjoy in my free time: I love wasting my time with video games like Rocket League, Overwatch and various MMOs with a group of friends.

Or playing through massive open world RPG games by myself. I also watch a lot of anime, movies and various shows. My favourite shows being. I love to read, I spent most nights before I fall asleep doing just that. So, I'd definitely be happy to read you bed time stories. I adore animals of all kinds, I have two cats of my own and five little degus. I definitely want lots more animals in the future! Music is a huge passion of mine, I listen to a variety of genres. Although you'll mainly find me listening to any of the maaany sub genres of EDM. Conclusion If you've read through everything and you feel as if you'd be a good match for me.

Feel free to reply to the thread or send me a private message. You don't have to be one hundred percent perfect for me in every way, so don't feel intimidated if a quality doesn't fit.

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I look forward to hearing from you! User mini profile. So, to the top. By littlebird - 4 years ago. You seem like a really chill, cool person. I love reading and animals; I play video games if I have enough time in the day. This seems like a mash of information, and for that i apologize, I'm not really good at "explaining" who I am. I'd really like to chat, and even if nothing really works I think it would be amazing if we could just be friends. By BubblegumCutie - 4 years ago. I am relatively new to the community and am seeking someone who can teach me, guide me, and nurture me as well as love and care for me.

I love to play video games. I'm 20 years old, my little age is 8. I'm also a kitten but haven't been able to explore that side much. If you're interested in chatting let me know! Display: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year.

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Newbie seeking girlfriends

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