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In a small banquet room in the back of a Studio City restaurant, about 30 madams and call girls gathered to discuss a ificant change in their business. Norma Ashby, a North Hollywood madam, told the women that a of customers had asked her to procure or year-old girls.

And more customers, she said, were beating, torturing and even killing out-call prostitutes. Most madams refused to accommodate the more violent customers and would not supply the young girls, Ashby said.

But because the customers were willing to pay so much more, a few madams complied. One found girls as young as 14 in Mexico and brought them to Los Angeles by claiming that they were live-in housekeepers. The women at the meeting, which was sponsored several years ago by an organization that helps prostitutes leave the business, established a code of ethics.

They agreed to anonymously report to police the violent customers and the madams who supplied the young girls. Street prostitutes also have been compelled to seek police help. Several recently were outraged because a man was offering hookers on Sunset Boulevard large sums of money if they would find him a girl between 5 and 10 years old. This new wave of prostitution is overwhelming Los Angeles law enforcement agencies, officials say. Prostitution-related arrests in the city have almost doubled and in the county have quintupled in the last 10 years. And five serial killers have preyed on prostitutes and street people in Los Angeles since the late s.

In addition to the serial killings, usually one prostitute a month is murdered in Los Angeles County--twice as many as 10 years ago--estimated Los Angeles police vice Detective Fred Clapp. In the past, these services could only be found through an underground network; now they are out in the open.

Numerous weekly papers run a multitude of for these services, and many prostitutes have learned to accommodate the customers. In past years, most prostitutes who had drug problems were heroin addicts. Now in addition to the heroin addicts, an increasing are addicted to free-basing smoking cocaine or injecting the drug.

Eight heterosexual men who recently were diagnosed in Los Angeles as having contracted AIDS all consorted with street prostitutes. Because many of the customers of male hustlers are married, he said, AIDS could be spreading to more heterosexuals.

Prostitutes Working in South Central Los Angeles

Some law enforcement officers interviewed said that under current laws, trying to eradicate the problem is so hopeless that some form of legal prostitution might be in order. Experts have many theories why violence and fetishism are on the rise, but few know what to do about it. You saw more guys out there getting their kicks by beating on the women.

Laverne Jefferson was looking for customers at the corner of Rimpau and Adams boulevards when a man in a white Cadillac pulled over and asked her if she wanted to free-base. The man said he would supply the money if Jefferson could find the rock house. She jumped in the car. After he drove around for several minutes and expressed no interest in locating a rock house, Jefferson became frightened and tried to leave the car. But the man pulled out a knife and stabbed her under her right breast.

For the next 12 hours, as she lapsed in and out of consciousness, the man drove around to different spots in Los Angeles, raped her and tortured her with the knife. Jefferson was convinced he was going to kill her. But she screamed loudly enough to attract a passer-by.

The man then let her go and ran. Jefferson had 10 stab wounds, a collapsed lung and several stitches over her eye from where the man bit her. Jefferson, 27, is a slender, almost frail-looking, woman who speaks so softly she is barely audible. The man who attacked her was arrested near the scene wearing blood-spattered clothing and is now awaiting trial. But I guess I got a second chance. Most of the women who have worked the streets for any length of time have also been assaulted and tortured. Although there are no exact statistics on prostitute killings and abductions, most law enforcement officials agree that the problem has worsened.

So we draw a lot of sexually violent men. Serial murderers are killing prostitutes elsewhere. In Seattle, 43 women suspected of being prostitutes have been killed in the last few years. But since the late s, Los Angeles has had a of serial killers who have preyed on prostitutes, said Lois Lee, executive director of Children of the Night, a Hollywood organization that aids young prostitutes.

Los Angeles is more dangerous for prostitutes than other cities because it is so spread out, Lee said. The prostitute is more vulnerable in a car than in a motel, and so is the customer. Tricks are easy targets, police say, and some prostitutes supplement their income by robbing tricks or setting them up, enabling their pimps to assault and rob them.

The climate of violence has forced some prostitutes off the streets. Many who are young and attractive enough now work with out-call agencies. A man with problems in those areas is likely to go after a prostitute; she can satisfy both those impulses. She is both a symbol and an easy target.

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As a result of the danger on the streets--and also because of police crackdowns in Hollywood--more prostitutes are now working for out-call services, the fastest growing form of prostitution in the city. Ten years ago there were fewer than five escort services in Los Angeles and Orange counties; now there are about 60, estimated Los Angeles police vice Detective Bob McGuire. Prostitutes all over the city are frightened, but many do not have the option of working for escort services. Many services do not hire black women, said Semiko, who is part black and Chinese.

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Semiko, who said she works to support her 4-year-old daughter, no longer looks for customers along Sunset Boulevard because of the danger; she now hitchhikes around the San Fernando Valley. Semiko, 19, does not have the slightly washed-out quality of many of the street hookers; she is a striking woman with high cheekbones and a distinctly exotic look. Before she ran away from home, she repeatedly was raped by her father, she said. She has been abducted several times in Hollywood.

Once, she said, a trick tied her up for three days, cut off all her hair and tortured her with a butcher knife. She lifted her ear and revealed a long, jagged scar. Three of her friends have been killed, she said, pausing and covering her eyes with her palms. Then she began to cry and said softly that her sister, who was working as a hooker in Atlanta, was beaten to death by a trick. It makes me sick. But what am I going to do? I got to take care of my baby. The violence on the street is indicative of other changes occurring between customers and prostitutes.

An interest in sex often is secondary. Men want to humiliate women or be humiliated, hurt or be hurt. In a recent issue of one Hollywood weekly, there were 77 offering bondage and discipline and countless other for a variety of fetishistic services. There even is a newspaper published in Van Nuys called Fetish Times. The sexual revolution has contributed to the change prostitutes have seen, said Dr. Michael Grinberg, a psychiatrist, sex therapist and chairman for the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, based in Philadelphia.

But with a lot of sexual freedom, there was no need for those men to go to prostitutes. There are no definitive studies available, but, Grinberg said, he is convinced that kinky sexual behavior is generally on the rise in society.

Sex therapists, he said, also work with more men now who are obsessed with violent or deviant sexual acts. There are several possible reasons for the change, Grinberg said. Our society is more violent now than in the past. Then this guy brings a jar of mustard, mayonnaise and a big spoon. Establishments like the House of O, a bondage and discipline parlor in West Hollywood, are flourishing.

Police bust very few whipping parlors and fetish out-call services because sometimes there are no sexual acts, just punishment, humiliation and masturbation. And many undercover officers are reluctant to subject themselves to being whipped for 30 minutes with a riding crop to find out if prostitution is involved. The waiting room is covered with pictures of scantily clad women whipping cowering men, and magazines such as Ouch and Foot Bondage are scattered on the end tables. There are two small bondage rooms and a third, the pride of the House of O, a deluxe torture chamber called Hell.

Murdock, who was dressed in black leather thigh-high boots, black leather skirt and black leather vest and wearing a skull pin and handcuff earrings, said that many of the customers have become so violent that the club had to institute an intercom system in each of the rooms. One of the reasons for the increase in violence is cocaine use, she said. A loud rhythmic counterpoint--a hiss and then a pop--emanated from a nearby room as Murdock spoke. The customer in the room, Murdock explained, preferred being beaten with a buggy whip.

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About ten minutes later, an exhausted, well-dressed man in his mids who looked like he had just played six hours of racquetball left the room, his shoulders slumped and his head down. He slowly walked down the corridor and out the front door.

The of teen-age prostitutes in Los Angeles began to proliferate in the late s, Lee said. As juvenile laws changed, police could no longer pick up suspected runaways, put them in Juvenile Hall and call their parents. So a new population of teen-age streets children evolved. Many were kicked out of the house when their parents found out they were homosexual, and they ran away to Hollywood.

But they are in great demand and customers are willing to pay much more. prostitution ring in Los Angeles that attracted customers from all over the country was broken up by police, said Bennett of the Los Angeles police. A man who was supposed to baby-sit 16 children of single parents instead was using the children--who were between the ages of 5 and for prostitution.

Prosecuting child prostitution cases is extremely difficult, Bennett said. Officers need extensive contacts and must spend a lot of time under cover. It is much easier to spot teen-age prostitutes, he said, because most work the streets. On a side street near Hollywood Boulevard, a few blocks east of Western, a year-old girl in a rabbit coat scrutinized the passing cars.

When she saw a potential customer, she smiled and ambled toward the corner; when a patrol car drove by she turned away from Hollywood Boulevard and purposefully walked down the side street. They slept in their car in the Hollywood Hills and often went all day without eating. Her friend had met some street people who occasionally turned tricks, and they told her the best corners and how to operate.

Although her friend earned enough money so they could get a motel room and eat in fast food restaurants, she still was reluctant to work the streets. Money no longer is a problem. She talks about going back to school, studying to be a medical technician or a nurse, but her tone is vague and abstract.

Her hair is dyed a garish red, but with her large hazel eyes and uncertain manner, she still looks waif-like. Most of the girls who are regular free-basers, she said, do not have pimps. She found the work more palatable when she was high, and as a result developed a cocaine habit, which she recently has given up with the help of Cocaine Anonymous. The customers have changed so much in the last few years, she said, that she often is too frightened to work. She has pared down her trick list to just a few longtime clients. That was too much for me. For the last few months, she has been going to real estate school.

She hopes to a Westside firm and be out of prostitution entirely by the end of the year.

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But most prostitutes do not have the luxury of job training. The majority have been hookers since they were teen-agers; they have no education and never have held a legitimate job. Some had pimps who controlled their lives, kept their income and doled out an allowance. And there is virtually no place to go for a prostitute who wants to leave the streets and learn how to re-enter straight society.

The only live-in rehabilitation program in Southern California specifically deed for prostitutes is the Mary Magdalene Project in Reseda, sponsored by the Hollywood Presbyterian Church. The program reaches only a fraction of the women who need help.

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Although 40 referrals a month come in from social workers and churches, the house only has room for six women, who stay up to a year while they are in school or job-training programs. After the woman was released from the hospital, she stayed briefly with a relative, and then returned to the streets.

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