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Creating a fursona is one of the most universal behaviours in the furry fandom. Fursonas can differ dramatically in the amount of detail they entail, and can include distinct personalities, histories, relationships, and attitudes. At very minimum, however, most fursonas include a name and a species. Furries and non-furries alike frequently ask about fursona species, usually asking about the most unusual species or wondering what the most frequently chosen species are.

In an online study, we collected information on more than 6, distinct fursonas, which were categorized into unique species which were subsequently organized for ease of presentation. First, we present the data for all species. We then proceed with a group-by-group breakdown of popular. In addition to assessing the most popular species furries choose for their fursonas, recent studies have also begun to look at other aspects of fursona choice.

For example, one study recently looked at whether furries tend to choose fursonas that are more feral look like an animal or anthropomorphic resemble a human. Theposted below, reveal that the vast majority of furries create fursonas that are predominantly anthropomorphic. Factors that were unrelated to fursona anthropomorphism included age, extent to which one identifies as a furry, sexual orientation, years as a furry, owning a fursuit, and mental health. In an online survey 4 wolves are, internationally, still the most prevalent single fursona species.

That said, this survey represented the first time that foxes have been outed by a species other than wolf: namely, dragons, who took the second slot for more prevalent single fursona species. Bats are actually more related to humans than to rodents! Can you add horse breeds please. You really did like zero research, did you? This is akin to putting Bears in the same group with rats. You have that group.

This is just sloppy. In the general terms, our goal is to describe the fandom, as represented by Furries, not prescribe to the fandom. The point of the chart was to illustrate and differentiate the popularity of the various fursonas within the fandom. The data is self-reported. It was said in through beginning that it is not based of biology, but rather, what animals are similar, and rodents was defined as small furry mammal. I see that possum is in the rodent category. Just had to say that, sorry.

It just kinda triggers me. It would be nice to see possibly something about the original species of the fandom, such as Dutch angel Dragons, protogens, and other species that are created by the community. I relatively just looked for this so I could see the amount of otters. It would be really interesting to see this side of the fandom!!

Study 10 top of the ! The global participation is incredible! Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 18 Like on Twitter 13 Twitter Furscience! Eurofurence eurofurence Sunday is packed with content! It is true! Facebook Twitter RSS. Most Popular Mythical Fursonas. Most Popular Rodent Fursonas.

Most Popular Reptile Fursonas. Most Popular Avian Fursonas. Most Popular Bear Fursonas. Most Popular Aquatic Fursonas. Most Popular Marsupial Fursonas. Most Popular Dinosaur Fursonas.

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Species Popularity. Other: Raccoon: 2. Cow: 0. Star on February 20, at pm. Kaksxhxzj on April 2, at pm. Can you add more about wolves plz? Geode on February 21, at pm. Ren on February 10, at pm. There are squirrels. Geode on June 3, at am. I wish us chipmunks were more prevalent and represented Reply. Shayla on March 30, at pm. Yeah its actually sad that chipmunk are not that popular Reply.

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Nick the Squirrel on November 12, at pm. Lanie on June 3, at pm. This helped a lot. Kangarumpy on September 30, at pm. SJ on October 27, at pm. Admin on April 25, at am. Jack on August 5, at pm. Anatasha the Khajit on May 15, at pm. It was said in through beginning that it is not based of biology, but rather, what animals are similar, and rodents was defined as small furry mammal Reply.

Jackknife on December 7, at am. Anissah on February 23, at pm. Aspiringfurry on February 25, at pm. Maggie on March 2, at pm. Hey I just wanted to mention possums are marsupials not rodents! Love the article though! Cherrycupcake on March 3, at am. Red pandas would be good to have in this. This helped me to see that my fursona is unique But I would like more alien dogs in the fandom though Reply. Olive on April 18, at pm. Admin on October 24, at pm. Wake on May 11, at pm. Whydoyouwantmyname on March 19, at am.

Random Tiger on May 21, at pm. Are miscellaneous fursonas the and Other the same? Admin on August 21, at pm. Artemiy on November 10, at pm. Blue on November 16, at am.

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Korey on January 8, at am. Wat bout protogen fursona?

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Tropical Dino on January 15, at am. This is super super helpful for my adopt series unusual anthros Reply. Fitz The Fox on April 2, at pm. Please add Protogen to list Reply. Search for:. Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 18 Like on Twitter 13 Twitter Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 1 Like on Twitter 4 Twitter Retweet on Twitter Furscience! Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 55 Like on Twitter Twitter Dr Roberts Answers by Video!

Looking a furry woman

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