I need a male best friend

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Friends are a lot like you family. In fact you share your secrets only with your friends.

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There is a beauty to this relationship. However the best kind of friendship is between a girl and a guy. A truly platonic relationship with a boy is probably the best thing ever. Girls who have more male friends will relate to this. And we will give you 6 reasons why every girl should have a guy best friend.

Having a guy best friend will keep you away from any kind of drama. There will be no jealousy. Your BFF will make sure that you get the best of everything and will do everything possible to bring a smile to your face. Also Read - 5 s that you should break up with your boyfriend NOW! Also Read - 5 reasons why dating older men is awesome. With men you can be sure that they will never lie to you.

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They will always be honest about the way you look or about a certain situation. Share the deepest secrets of your life and let us tell you it will be safe with him. Even if you guys have a fight and go months without talking, he will keep your secrets safe.

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There is no place for bitchy behavior when you have a guy best friend. Since he is a man, he understands other men well.

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He will know who is a jerk and who is a keeper. So that means you will never have to date the wrong guys. He will make sure that you get the best boyfriend and he will always look out for you.

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Be in your worst self possible and they will still not judge you. You will always have a friend by your side irrespective of how disgusting you behave or how bad you look.

99% of girls don't realize that their guy bestfriend is in love with them

They will never judge and will always be your partner in crime. With a male best friend with you all the time, you can be sure that you are safe wherever you go. If you are in trouble, ever, he will be the first person to be there and pull you out of trouble. Found this story interesting? Like our Facebook to such articles.

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I need a male best friend

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