I crave real love

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I just want to be loved. But when you take a second look, a lot can be uncovered. Not everyone gets to experience a fairytale love life. For some, romantic love leaves a lot to be desired. And this article is for all those having a hard time finding that one person to spend their forever with.

It seems like all your close friends and family members have their love lives figured out. But let me tell you something…. This is just a temporary setback that you can easily work toward fixing.

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Ever wondered why you sometimes feel so eager and desperate for love and affection? The reasons might surprise you. But you can find someone who makes an effort every single day, despite being flawed just like the rest of us. Not having had a partner for a while has been ruining your mental health. Get this notion out of your head. The amount of time you spend single or taken has nothing to do with you being unlovable. Sometimes, things just pan out that way.

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Being surrounded by narcissism can make you feel low. Have you ever stopped and looked around you? Who you surround yourself with affects you more than you know. Do not let narcissistic, toxic people get near you and fill your head with their twisted logic. You should only spend time with people who appreciate, encourage, and love you the way you are. The rest of them deserve the boot. But movies are not real life. Movies are a great escape from real life, not a substitute for one.

Catching yourself desperately thinking: I just want to be loved might have something to do with this self-inflicted illusion. Sure, those couples might be genuinely happy at that moment in time. But do you honestly think that things are always perfect? Far from it. People only post what they want you to see. I get it. I encourage you to read words of empowerment daily if need be. Talk to someone who knows your worth. Remind yourself of this. Your ex has filled your mind with self-doubt. To help yourself forget, you go binge-shopping on Amazon and take part in their giveaways, as if retailers could help things in any way been there, done that.

Do you know what will? Realizing that this one person does NOT get to mess you up like this. It feels like your close friends are all out there doing what they love, and your family members have their own things going. Most of them are completely situated in their love lives to top it all off.

Naturally, this can make you feel alone and alienated. But to get where they are now, they probably experienced some bad stuff too, right? You just have to stick it out a bit longer to get through this mess. When was the last time you did something kind for yourself? The love in your life starts with loving yourself. Be the first one to offer an abundance of love to yourself. Do the things that make you happy. Realize the incredible importance of self-love. This is something everyone can relate to.

There are tons of perks to being in a romantic relationship. Some of the biggest ones are constant cuddles, kisses, and hugs. Lounging on the sofa and watching a movie while your partner is holding your hand or stroking your hair. Walking down the street, feeling your hand firmly gripped by theirs. Little things like that make life seem so much better. At the end of the day, physical affection releases feel-good hormones. How could you not miss it?

Granted, this is one of the worst feelings out there. You have so much love to give, but no one to give it to. Love comes at the most unexpected moments. Today, you might be feeling low and unloved, but tomorrow, things can pick up. You never really know what it has in store for you.

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But you can make a continuous effort that will give you the necessary tools for finding them. The not so little things like being vulnerable can help you form deeper bonds with your loved ones and potential lovers-to-be. Let your vulnerabilities out in the open.

The Love Crave - Can You Hear Me

This is the only way to attract someone and get them to like you. People go through an array of emotions throughout their lives. Vulnerability and transparency are attractive. Love yourself flaws and alland learn to find happiness in your singlehood. What makes you smile from ear to ear? Let go of them. The only thing that matters is how you see yourself, as well as those who know you best. How could they? Stop looking at loved-up social media posts and thinking to yourself that things are as flawless and perfect as they seem. Nothing is ever the way it seems on the surface.

Love is more than just a photo of a happy couple and a hot hashtag. People are never going to post about their struggles. Remember that. We all have ugly stuff we deal with. Chances are, those happy couples go through the same stuff you do. The only difference? They never let it show. That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here.

Hiding behind the highlight reel of who you are, is the real you, and that person is just as worthy of love. There is nothing more terrifying or fulfilling than complete love. To be fully seen is incredibly rare and breathtaking.

We lower our masks and see a celestial inner being. Our fears and doubts.

I crave real love

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