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How fucking awesome are they?! We want to be a part of a culture that provides its citizens with appropriate guidelines on sexual wellness, specifically in Covid times. Yes, it singled out people who are quarantining on their own. As someone whose w hole world focuses on sexual wellness, I applaud them for taking this on, but would add one thing: there are plenty of people in relationships who are missing their sex buddies just as much as single people are.

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But it raises some interesting points. We at Bespoke Surgical have always tried to educate people about an open system of testing and communication, attempting to minimize the risk for not only you, but also everyone in your circle. Think of it like a contact tracing system that succeeds because of open and honest communication and without the government getting involved.

And just the notion of having a conversation in the first place shows forethought in prevention. Just like all other types of relationships, in order to succeed, it takes hard work and practice, along with honesty and ability. When you combine these things, once you finally do open up — both mentally and physically — you are presumably doing so while mitigating risk. I have said over and over again that apps geared towards hooking-up like Scruff and Grindr should not only have a seat at the table, but also actively partner with communities and medical professionals on public health strategies.

When you shift the burden of public health to platforms that have the resources and the power to influence community behavior, it can be more easily regulated than an individual. So what does that entail? Sure, there are options now to include that information, but no one is checking its validity.

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Unfortunately, on one side you have people who lie for cock or for access to your hole. This could help the former, but the latter is a whole conversation in and of itself. I believe there are plenty of like-minded people who would want to implement a system like this to help us all enjoy the benefits of fucking, while mitigating risk. I am certain of it. I see it every day at my practice: people who take ownership of their desires, analyzing their pitfalls and looking for ways to improve. And that alone should receive kudos.

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Improvement is what we need to define ourselves and what better timing to do so during this isolating pandemic? Unfortunately, we have seen and continue to see how rapidly Covid can spread at non-sexual social gatherings, so think about the ramifications in sexual engagements where spit is literally being swapped.

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This aggressive communicable disease has given us all not only further insight into its own pathology, but also to every other potential communicable disease — the ones that have been plaguing our communities for decades, like HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea. First, the key is testing. And comprehensive testing is critical. Forget the blood-only testing bullshit. If your sex buddy or buddies awaits, I implore you to define your relationship before embarking on your future.

What rules and regulations are being set? What happens if it gets broken? Do you have a communication plan in place?

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We have to be proactive and find people who will not only have us screaming and cumming in bed, but also those who see hole-to-hole and will empower our sexual decision making. While my partner and I may be staying put in New York, I will continue to advocate for a system to be put in place for both you and I to help create safe sexual relationships, while making sure everyone is held able during these trying times.

There is a way to open up your lives and your holes, but we must be smart about it. This means seeking out trusted, medical sources to stay current and educated on everything Covid, as well as getting tested so that you have scientific rationale behind your decision making. Founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein. Deated Sex Buddies in a Pandemic?

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Fuck buddies Corona

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