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Eindhoven, situated in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, is the 5th largest city in the country. Though it was founded in the 13th century, Eindhoven remained small until the Industrial Revolution forever changed the course of the city's history. After gradually growing into an industrial town during the 19th century, the city witnessed perhaps its single most influential moment inwhen the Philips brothers founded the small light bulb factory that would grown into one of the largest electronics firms in the world.

The influence of Philips on the city was so powerful that Eindhoven has come to be known as the City of Light.

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Philips' legacy is directly visible throughout the city, for example in the landmark Witte Dame and Bruine Heer buildings formerly a lamp factory and Philips' main offices, respectively. Philips also attracted and spun off many high tech companies, helping transform Eindhoven into a major technology hub.

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While most of Philips' industries have now moved out of Eindhoven, about one quarter of the jobs in Eindhoven are nevertheless in the technology and ICT sectors. So much research is going on in the region that in the Intelligent Community Forum named Eindhoven the world's most intelligent community! Eindhoven is also renowned as the capital of Dutch industrial de.

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Eindhoven also has several museumslots of open air art, a nice music venue in the Effenaar, several festivalsand the highest percentage of green space among the Netherlands' major citiesaffording visitors and residents with plenty of things to do when they're not at work. Home Expat info Dutch cities.

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Eindhoven, nominee best cycling city in NL, 2014 [313]

Information about Eindhoven Eindhoven, situated in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, is the 5th largest city in the country. Looking for a job? Vacancies in English by recruiters and international companies in Eindhoven. Looking for an apartment, houses or room? Check out IamExpat Housing with rental properties all over the Eindhoven! Information for expats including statistics and facts about the Dutch and the Netherlands. Living in or visiting the Netherlands?

Visiting Dutch museums is a must for expats and tourists looking for attractions in the Netherlands. Here are some interesting museums per Dutch city. Canals in the Netherlands are an essential part of many cities, such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and more. Here are some facts about the Dutch waters.

There are more than 30 general, specialised and petting zoos and animal parks in the Netherlands. Find out more about them including where they are located. Hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers in the Netherlands can visit a good of Dutch National Parks with unique landscapes.

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Here's where to find them! There are many amusement parks in the Netherlands including theme parks, roller coaster parks, parks mainly aimed at children and more. Check them out!

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