Do you have dreads

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Kelsi Zimmerman. Twists are typically better for coarser, kinkier hair and are created by twisting strands around each other. Finally, interlocking dre are created when the end of the lock is pulled through the root to tighten the new growth to the scalp.

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Light gels, oils and shampoos are key to supporting the growth process when dreading your hair. For daily gels and oils to moisturize and keep your dre looking neat without white residue and buildup, reach for light oils like almond or olive oils and light gels like aloe vera gel. That is false. Even when you are beginning to lock your hair it is important to wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo every weeks.

The water helps to kink and curl your hair and shampooing helps to keep your scalp clean and clear of buildup.

Pros \u0026 Cons Of Dreadlocks

There will be times where you will still need to wrap your hair to prevent damage. Whether you are working out, sleeping or working outside, try to keep your hair wrapped to avoid getting the hair sweaty or dirty with debris, dirt and lint.

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You should go about a month or a little bit longer without re-twisting your hair as you want to give sensitive areas like your roots, edges and nape of your neck some time to breathe. Constantly pulling the hair in the more sensitive areas puts you at risk for hair loss.

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Patience is a major requirement when dreading your hair — especially when you have fine, straight hair. Like any process, dreading your hair, maintaining the dre and waiting for them to grow calls for a lot of patience.

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But all of the time, effort and maintenance will be worth it once you see your locks flourish. Your Cart. No items found.

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Do you have dreads

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How Dreadlocks Work