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Like Office Jim, this Jim had a huge crush on one of his co-workers who was taken. They chatted every day.

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He helped her move and did other favors for her. When she complained about her boyfriend, he was quick to offer a consoling ear. You become sleazy when, instead of putting it out there, you play this whole nice game in the hopes of bringing her in. My friend Jack fell in love with his best woman friend, Sara. After he realized how he felt, every time they hung out felt fraught with sexual tension. He even sometimes had trouble speaking to her. She, though, had a serious boyfriend that she was most assuredly in love with.

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You deserve to be with a woman who wants you. You will not do favors for someone in the hopes of getting something in return. Jack realized early on that every time they hung out, he left feeling crappy. He simply took a big step back and chose to spend more time with his guy friends than her. Jack knew Sara was really happy with her boyfriend, and he cared about her enough to know that it would have been really shitty for him to then spring this on her.

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She felt the same, and she immediately dumped her boyfriend for him. Jack would have been elatedbut what would be the long-term effects of that?

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In all likelihood, Sara would have had some mixed feelings about leaving her ex. She may even need to process some things about that relationship as most people do.

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Processing your relationship while in another relationship is going to tax it. And your friendship with it.

The Advantages of Being 'just Good Friends'

No one — and I mean, no one — should feel like they have to resort to manipulative tactics to find love. I promise you that you do. We all deserve relationships like that. To overcome that, work on affirming yourself on a regular basis:. I deserve a healthy and loving relationship. Say them until you believe it. Do things that are kind for yourself. Eat healthy. Hang out with people who love you. Whatever it may be, remind yourself that you deserve more from this life than transactional relationships. The same can be true for jobs, cars, homes, geographic locations, whatever.

Be honest and upfront, and let things go as much as you can. Certified Relationship Coach and Writer. E-mail: tarablairball gmail. in. Felicia C. Tara Blair Ball Follow. Gives with an expectation of getting something in return, whether it be now or in the future. Gives when he can, while not neglecting his other priorities. Be clear about your intentions. Set boundaries. Keep your feelings to yourself. Work on building up your self-esteem.

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How to Stop Being the “Nice” Guy