A drink and a flirt

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Stay hydrated: Drink extra glasses of water, sip herbal tea every few hours, and munch on water-heavy fruits and veggies. Fuel up: If you know dinner might go haywire, have a power breakfast and a very sensible lunch. For breakfast, eat complex carbohydrates and protein. Keep lunch protein heavy.

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The rest of the day, snack on nuts or fruit. Have a protein-heavy snack before heading out, such as boiled eggs, a handful of almonds, a cup of low-fat yogurt or hummus and veggies.

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Take only two tablespoons of each. Watch what you drink: Liquid calories count. An iced tea can set you back by calories and a soda by calories or more. Pile on the veggies: Go for green beans, sal and veggies first, and then eat the heavier foods like meat. Get dessert smart: Choose one that you really want to try, and one that has some goodness in it, such as kheer rather than malpua and fruit custard rather than mud pie. Then eat only a few bites of both. Morning drill: Down a glass of fresh orange juice with a teaspoon of lime juice and a pinch of cumin.

Every day: Make aloe vera juice a daily habit. It helps improve digestion and is a fabulous cleansing and anti-inflammatory drink. Also sip some cumin water and chew lots of ajwain and saunf. Focus on lean proteins and healthy fats, such as eggs, lentils, tofu, peanut butter and fish. Best picks: First on this list is a red wine spritzer prepared by mixing sparkling water and wine, giving you the benefit of antioxidants while dividing the calories into half. Next is light beer, followed by vodka-soda which would be 65 calories for a small drink.

A big no-no: Pure alcohol has twice as many calories as carbs. But the worst picks are sugar-loaded cocktails like margarita, pina colada and Long Island iced tea, with fat-making calories up to per serving. Timing is everything: Make sure your drinks are well spaced and have a glass of water between two drinks.

Munch on: To slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, munch on fibre-packed vegetables like carrots, cucumber and cauliflower with healthy dips like salsa, hummus and guacamole. Chicken tikka, tofu skewers and roasted chickpeas are also healthy, satiating snacks. Size matters: The amount of alcohol matters more than the kind of alcohol.

So, pick anything that gives you a buzz even in the least amount. With that math, drinking two glasses of wine would be worse than a vodka soda.

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How much is too much: Anything over three drinks a day has damaging effects on your liver and heart, and puts more fat into the body circulation. Different rules for women: Unfortunately, women achieve higher concentrations of alcohol in the blood compared to men after drinking equal amounts. So women need to pay close attention to hydration. Hangover cure: Hydrate yourself with water, or coconut water; eat a banana followed by sprouts for breakfast.

Also, turn to the next to see ways to cure your hangover. Let the guy know how you feel but respect their space and gauge how keen he is. Let him pick the conversation: Shweta Tripathi, actor. I coordinate the smoke break or drink, borrow a light and give him that opportunity to pick the conversation: Khyati Shah, Marketing Professional. Pick your moments. Sarcasm and irony also work initially.

Talk to the person, create the interest, drop the joke and then walk away. Men love it when you play hard to get: Niharika Bhasin Khan, Deer. Be honest in your approach.

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Make eye contact and hold it just a little longer than usual. If she looks back, smile! Sharing something very vulnerable about yourself or being in that space creates a human connect: Viraf Patel, Actor.

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Girls love well-groomed boys, so if you are smart, well-dressed and burning the dance floor, it works: Danish Ojha, Senior Consultant for a PR company. Simplicity, with a dash of humour makes happy evenings. Obedient doggo sit on sidewalk as dad goes to retrieve his ball from the road. Man fosters 38 kids who lost their parents during pandemic. This illusion makeup look may leave you feeling dizzy. Viral video sparks laughter. Get party ready with these tips.

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A drink and a flirt

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I Want To Get Drunk With You (And Shamelessly Flirt With You)